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December 2024, online December 2024, Warszaw








Poznaj Ya!vaConf

Czym jest Ya!vaConf? To przede wszystkim jedna z niewielu w Polsce konferencji skupionych w pełni na stosie szczegółowym Java. Kilkadziesiąt wystąpień wybranych z Call for Papers, 4 ścieżki, a wieczorem – podczas rozmowy stacjonarnego Afterparty.

Wydarzeniem towarzyszącym jest Ya!vaExpo – targi pracy i usługi związane z tematyką konferencji.

Jakie są obszary tematyczne konferencji?

Na wydarzeniu posuchasz wystąpień z obszarów:

What does the event consist of?


  • Friday, December 8, 2023
  • live speeches
  • discussions and Q&A sessions with speakers (chat)
  • access to specially prepared VoD lectures
  • access to recordings of speeches from the online live part, selected tracks of the stationary part and VoD for 3 months


  • Saturday, December 9, 2023
  • short and to the point - 35-min. form of speeches,
  • round tables after speeches and discussions with speakers,
  • networking, relaxation and VIP area

Matchmaking (in selected packages)

  • possibility to create a public profile available to other participants of the event
  • making valuable industry contacts
  • conversations, meetings and exchange of experiences


  • Saturday, December 9 from 9:00 PM
  • the venue will be announced closer to the event date
  • WDI afterparty is a closed event, open to speakers, exhibitors and participants of PRO and VIP packages

IT Job Fairs

  • top employers and IT / data science service providers available online (December 7) and stationary (December 8).
  • meetings (online and stationary) with exhibitors, the date and subject of which you will arrange in advance
  • career options as well as service/product options from the thematic area of the conference


  • for sending event recommendations to friends: Google Home Hub and Xiaomi Mi Band
  • for CV upload: Xbox and Google Home Hub
  • for visiting the stands of 3 IT Job Fair exhibitions:
    - Online: Google Home Hub and Xiaomi Mi Band,
    -Onsite: Xbox, Google Home Hub and Xiaomi Mi Band


  • for all those registered for the conference, immediate access to recordings of YAVA 2022 speeches
  • gift bag with official YAVA23 t-shirt (for selected packages)
  • certificate of participation in the 14th edition

Who is the project addressed to?

The event is mainly aimed at
professionals working in the Java technology stack, as well as to
executives dealing with technical aspects of projects and
simply people interested in Java.

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What do they say about us?

Słatwomir Sobótka We invite you for a large dose of diverse and practical knowledge from respected speakers from Poland and the world.
Słatwomir Sobótka Owner, Bottega IT Minds
Jarosław Ratajski For the more advanced, we have prepared e.g. dedicated Application Tuning & Performance path.
Jarosław Ratajski Scala/Haskell Developer, Digital Asset w Sotrender
Rafał Sztwiorok DevOps and Architects will not be bored.
Rafał Sztwiorok CTO, Buddy
Arnika Hryszko There will also be a lot of interesting QA stuff, plus cool t-shirts, sweatshirts and an after party with tasty drinks - what more could you want? ;)
Arnika Hryszko Senior QA Specialist, SJSI
Adrian Kapczyński The IT Security for Developers path should be interesting for developers as well as people dealing with infrastructure security.
Adrian Kapczyński Member of the Board, Stowarzyszenie na rzecz cyberbezpieczeństwa

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